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As a company seeking to grow and stay ahead of the competition, your most vital asset is the people who work for you. But how can you ensure your talent strategy is focused on the markets and regions that are likely to lead to success?


By underpinning that strategy with a solid evidence-base, using robust labour market data and insights that give you both the big picture and granular detail of where potential talent pools are located across multiple regions and countries.


We have exactly this kind of data, and hundreds of companies across the globe are currently using it to understand where to focus their recruitment efforts, and which areas offer them their best opportunities for expansion. We can help you too.

Rather than telling you about our data, what we really want to do is show you our data. This is why we've created Lightcast European Insights - a free tool which you can log into, take a look at the data, and decide for yourself if you want to see more. Click the button to start the journey towards seeing how our data can help your organisation.

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To find out more about how our data can help your organisation better understand the labour market and skills demand, check out the short video or click the button below to have a play with some of our data. To discuss how our data can help your organisation achieve its strategic workforce planning goals, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch shortly.


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