5 Ways Colleges and Universities Can Leverage the NEW Employer Portal

July 25, 2018 by Remie Verougstraete

5 Ways Colleges and Universities Can Leverage the NEW Employer Portal

In a previous post, we introduced the employer portal for Career Coach. This exciting new feature allows employers to post job openings directly to a partner institution’s Career Coach site—helping schools connect their students to great career opportunities!

The employer portal is the next step in our mission to help colleges and universities serve as an effective hub for students and employers in their communities. Learn more by watching the overview video below, or read on to see five ways schools can leverage this new functionality:

1. Strengthen employer partnerships

Build relationships with local employers by inviting them to reach your students directly through Career Coach. Employers can create their own postings and even request which career pages display those opportunities. Or, you can do the legwork for them: once an employer registers, school administrators can create and edit posts on employers’ behalf to ensure posts are up to date and appear on the most relevant career pages.

2. Ensure quality opportunities

There are more online job postings than ever, but quantity does not necessarily equal quality. With the employer portal, you can approve (or deny) employers who request access to your site and review individual postings before they go live. This way, you can ensure that only quality opportunities from trusted employers reach your students.

3. Streamline resources

No need to send students to yet another website to find and apply for jobs. By accessing a single tool for strengths-based career research, region-specific job and wage data, and live job postings, students can transition seamlessly from career exploration to job application. They don’t have to worry about creating another login or learning a new interface.

4. Motivate learning

Another advantage of having career exploration and job postings in one place is that students can see real-life, real-time opportunities, even if they’re not quite ready to apply. The ability to go beyond high-level market analysis and see actual job postings related to their course of study can further motivate students to stay on track and finish their program–driving higher engagement and retention at your institution.

5. Connect to great jobs

Of course, the main purpose of the employer portal is to help students put their education to work. When you use the employer portal, you are funneling your students to good opportunities while also helping employers find qualified, motivated students. Like a virtual local networking event, the employer portal helps students and employers cut through the noise of larger job posting aggregators to connect the right people to the right opportunities.

Check out a preview of the employer portal:

To learn more about the employer portal or talk about how your institution can use Emsi data, please contact us! We’d love to learn more about your work and explore how Emsi can help.