Analysis of green clusters, sector 2

June 29, 2009 by Emsi Burning Glass

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The first table (2-A) deals with “green increased demand” occupations, as classified by the O*NET Resource Center, for the Transportation cluster; the second table (2-B) relates to “green enhanced skills” occupations for the same cluster.

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  • The second table in this cluster clearly represents the higher-wage (correlating to higher skill) occupations. Aerospace engineers ($43.31/hour) and Electronics engineers ($40.40) stand out in particular, though both have seen a dip in job numbers.

  • The precipitous drop in truck driving positions is startling — more than 133,000 drivers have lost their job since 2007. At more than 1.8 million, however, Truck drivers still make up the biggest chunk of the Transportation cluster.

  • Most of growth in this sector comes from occupations that are composed of fairly few workers, namely Railroad conductors and Locomotive Engineers.

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