Attract & Serve Lifelong Learners with SkillsMatch

Published on May 18, 2020

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Remie Verougstraete

Attract & Serve Lifelong Learners with SkillsMatch

Introducing SkillsMatch

Engage current and prospective learners with skill-based recommendations for education and work


Recent survey data from Strada Education Network demonstrates that Americans increasingly prioritize education that is skill-specific and work-relevant. And while the COVID pandemic is no doubt accelerating and amplifying this trend, earlier research suggests these changes are part of a long-term shift, not just a short-term crisis response.

In this period of disruptive transformation, institutions that adapt to the evolving needs and preferences of learners will have the best chance of maintaining strong enrollment. That’s why we created SkillsMatch.

Empower learners to fill skill gaps

With SkillsMatch, your institution can engage today’s learners in a way that aligns with their priorities and goals. Help current and prospective students discover relevant courses at your institution (and related job opportunities) in four basic steps:

  1. Inventory their current skills based on prior learning and work experience

  2. See the skills needed (skill gaps) to get from where they are to where they want to be

  3. Discover relevant educational offerings at your institution based on their skills, goals, and what employers are looking for

  4. Review live job postings that match the skills they already have or want to learn

Suggest relevant courses based on the skills learners have and the skills they want to learn.

How it works for your institution

When you use SkillsMatch, we map your curricular content to Emsi’s library of over 30,000 skills. This “skills map” is the engine that powers the SkillsMatch interface, enabling learners to explore your academic programs and courses at the skill level. We also deliver the mapping to you in an Excel file so you can see how in-demand labor market skills are distributed across the courses and programs that you offer.

Want to discuss how SkillsMatch can be used at your institution? Let’s connect!

See it in action

In this recorded webinar, Emsi product manager Lendl Meyer demonstrates how institutions can use SkillsMatch to help adult learners bridge the gap between their past experience and future goals. You can also download the slides from the presentation.



Have questions about SkillsMatch? Let us know! We’d love to meet you and explore how our data can support your institution’s mission and work.