CNN Covers Impact of Delinquent Fathers

May 15, 2012 by Emsi Burning Glass

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EMSI recently published a new research report on the economic impact of delinquent fathers. Here are the highlights:

The lifetime earnings loss from the lower educational attainment equates, in present-value terms, to nearly $83,000 per child. With an estimated 19.7 million children with delinquent fathers, the average annual average loss in productivity represents a $34.8 billion loss to the national economy each year. After accounting for associated ripple effects, the total economic loss to the United States as a whole is $60 billion per year.



CNN’s Michele Weldon covered the report in her recent article. Below is an excerpt:

Beyond that, there are realities that are hard to dispute. A new study, “Father Hunger: An Economic View of Delinquent Fathers,” describes the apocalypse caused by single parenting framed in economic terms. This white paper, by Idaho-based Economic Modeling Specialists, describes the education gap, earnings gap and ultimately value lost from direct and indirect labor income to the nation’s economy of $60 billion per year.

According to the study, children growing up in one-parent homes are 16% more likely to drop out of high school. Only 14.3% of students from one-parent households will attend some college, compared with 17.6% in two-parent households.

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