Colorado Community Colleges Show a $5.8B Economic Impact

October 25, 2017 by Emsi Burning Glass

Colorado Community Colleges Show a $5.8B Economic Impact

Colorado Community College System (CCCS) colleges recently released their economic impact study by Emsi, which shows that the 13 colleges “create a significant positive impact on the business community and generate a return on investment to their major stakeholder groups—students, taxpayers, and society.”

Together, colleges and students add $5.8 billion per year to the Colorado economy. For each $1 spent, students receive $4.30 back in lifetime earnings (a total of $3.6 billion), taxpayers receive $5.70 back in taxes and public sector savings, and society as a whole receives $11.30 back in added state revenue and social savings.

“Without us, you would see significant loss in income throughout the state, and an inability for businesses to get the skilled workforce…they need to meet the needs of their customers,” said Nancy McCallin, president of CCCS. “We are the path for upward mobility.”

Read the economic impact study here. Watch the two-minute video below to see how CCCS college are helping their students find success—and through them, the entire state of Colorado.

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