Data Release Notes, Q2 2010 Beta

June 3, 2010 by Emsi Burning Glass

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Since May 18, the “beta” or testing release of our Q2 2010 dataset has been available to Analyst users. This release represents a major update to EMSI data. We expect to finalize this release in the next couple weeks.

NAICS 2007 Conversion

In this release, EMSI has converted all industry data to the 2007 version of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). To do this we have reconstructed our source and final datasets using NAICS 2007, including historical data that was originally coded in NAICS 2002. The new version of NAICS has a few dozen changes, most of which are concentrated in the manufacturing and telecommunications sectors (see below for full list of changes). If you have saved industry groups that contain defunct 2002 codes, you will be notified when you attempt to run a report on those groups in EMSI Analyst.

Due to the complexity of the reconstruction, as well as the tendency of establishments to reclassify themselves in unexpected ways following the NAICS conversion, EMSI advises caution when interpreting employment changes in affected industries from 2006 to 2007. Some changes may be the result of classification issues that do not accurately reflect the underlying labor market.

Updated Data Sources

  • Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, Q3 2009 (BLS)

  • Current Employment Statistics, reference period March 2010 (BLS)

  • Local Area Personal Income (BEA), 2008. This source provides information on complete
    employment and earnings (not just covered) by county.

  • State and Local Personal Income (BEA), past year revisions 1990-2007. The BEA made
    comprehensive historical revisions to their complete-coverage employment data. The most noticeable changes are in Agriculture and Government sectors.

Methodology Changes

  • Improvements to estimation of the detailed categories of non-covered (e.g. self-employed and other jobs not covered by unemployment insurance) industry employment.

  • Improvements to estimation of non-covered earnings.

Questions? Contact Us
If you have any questions or concerns about the new data, please contact Customer Solutions at (866) 999-3674 or via the online chat feature within EMSI Analyst.

Please note that is is a “beta” or preliminary testing release, to be used for evaluation and feedback purposes only. We do not recommend its use for published reports, analysis, or strategic planning.

NAICS 2007 Conversion Details

The following table shows NAICS 2002 codes that no longer exist in NAICS 2007. Jobs in these industries have been redistributed to various other NAICS 2007 classification codes.

The following table shows new codes added in NAICS 2007:

The following table shows industry categories whose codes are the same in NAICS 2002 and 2007, but which gained or lost jobs due to a change in the category’s definition (e.g., jobs in a defunct 2002 code are now classified under one of these codes).