EMSI Data Release: 2nd Quarter 2011 Beta

May 11, 2011 by Emsi Burning Glass

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We are pleased to announce the release of our “beta,” or preview, EMSI 2011Q2 dataset. This release primarily reflects important updates from two key data sources.

For the release notes in PDF form see here.

Updated Data Sources in This Release

  • Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, Q3 2010 (BLS). These updates significantly influence our new 2010 job estimates.

  • Current Employment Statistics, Jan-Mar 2011 (BLS). This dataset helps us form an estimate of final 2011 annual job averages ahead of final, detailed figures from the QCEW.

  • Zip Code Business Patterns, 2008 (Census). This dataset forms the foundation of our Zip code estimates.

Methodology Changes

There were no significant methodological changes in this release. However, we now use 2011 as our “base year” for projections, which has resulted in changes to the final projections. A small fraction of all industries and areas were significantly affected by this shift in timeframes.

Special Notices

  • Reminder on Widespread industry reclassification in the Energy sector: Starting in Q1 2010 QCEW data from the BLS, thousands of private-sector jobs in several states have been reclassified from NAICS 22111 (Electric Power Generation) to NAICS 22112 (Electric Power Transmission, Control, and Distribution). This change does not reflect an economic shift, but rather a difference in how employers self-identify to the unemployment insurance system. EMSI does not currently correct for such changes.

  • Reminder on temporary Census worker employment: Our 2010 employment estimate for Federal Government (civilian) includes the effects of temporary Census worker jobs, which peaked in May. This effect is removed from projections. The 2010 federal government staffing pattern (and occupational data affected by it) does not currently account for this effect, due to lack of data on the occupational categorization of temporary Census workers.

Questions? Contact Us

If you have any questions or feedback about the new data, please contact Customer Solutions at (866) 999-3674 or via the online chat feature within EMSI Analyst.