EMSI Labor Market Data a 'Core Component' to Greater Spokane Inc.'s Work

December 10, 2009 by Emsi Burning Glass

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Gary Mallon and his colleagues at Greater Spokane Incorporated focus their economic development and chamber of commerce efforts not just in Spokane and Eastern Washington but also throughout a extended region that includes North Idaho. When it comes to searching through the diverse area for available, highly-trained workers—a “core asset” to the region, according to Mallon—GSI uses EMSI’s tools and labor market data.

Mallon’s duties are centered on recruitment and expansion in health sciences, clean technology, and digital technology. The businesses he works with in these three sectors require skilled labor, and often an abundance of it. Says Mallon, “I use labor market data in virtually any serious or relevant business analysis or proposal that I do. Particularly in the three areas that I’m in, workforce is so critical because of the technology and the higher education requirements. It’s a core component of what we do.”

The workforce information that Mallon values most is data relative to wages (median, entry-level, etc.), availability, and educational attainment (from the associate’s to Ph.D. level). EMSI provides access to these needed figures in quick order, giving Mallon and his coworkers a leg up when they are inundated with research and proposal work.

“We did not anticipate being as busy as we were in August and September,” Mallon says. “And we got hit with so many requests for proposals that if I did not have a tool like that available, I would not have met timing deadlines. I mean it just wouldn’t have happened.”

For more on Greater Spokane Inc., visit its web site.