How EMSI Helps Community Colleges

March 25, 2010 by Emsi Burning Glass

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So What Can EMSI Actually Do For Your College?

The nation’s community and technical colleges are under a lot of pressure to continue to provide the new skills and training that will connect people to new and better jobs in today’s tight job market. To make the situation even more difficult, all this needs to be done in the midst of budget cuts at every level.

To maximize and improve colleges’ efforts to help their communities, EMSI has designed three great services built around helping colleges (1) tailor the right programs for their regions, (2) connect students and workers to training, and (3) communicate the impact that their education and training have on the community.

1. Tailoring the Right Programs

First, the essential product or service of a college are its programs that equip people with particular knowledge and skills. The challenge here is to know exactly what training should be offered.

To assist with program development, EMSI has developed Analyst, a web-based tool which lets your college easily unlock local employment data to make sure your training and education lines up with regional employment trends. Analyst is also a huge time-saver and is very useful for complementing the work of career services staff, applying for grants, and giving your college great talking points on economic issues.

2. Helping People Find Employment and Training

By developing programs to help people find good jobs, you need to make sure that your potential “clients” (e.g., the people in the community looking for jobs or better careers) can find those jobs and know what it takes to get those jobs.

To help with this, we have developed Career Coach, a simple tool that is placed in your college’s website so that jobseekers can understand and find good jobs in your community and see how those jobs relate to the training you offer.

3. Helping the Local Economy

Finally, as you develop programs and help people find good jobs in the community, your college is playing the role of an economic developer. But how do you talk about that impact? How do you make sure that people realize the impact of your training and education on the region and the state?

For that we have spent the last 10 years developing Economic Impact Studies that assess the impact of college’s services on the local economy. Over 50% of the nation’s two-year colleges have used this study to speak to their legislature, the media, and others about the role they play in the local economy.

Together these three services help each part of your college maximize and improve your impact on local employment.

Follow each link for a little more detail on how.

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