New Models for Workforce and Economic Development

October 15, 2009 by Emsi Burning Glass

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EMSI has had the privilege of working with Ed Morrison of the Purdue Center for Regional Development on a number of projects, the latest a comprehensive workforce competency study for the Regional Workforce Alliance of Southeastern Wisconsin. The finishing touches have been put on the major project, and you can find more about the ground-breaking work on Ed’s web site.

As Ed points out, “We need new ways of communicating the complex competencies — knowledge, skills and abilities — that characterize emerging occupations and new career pathways.” Part of communicating is helping decision-makers visualize the competencies, something EMSI has tried to convey through radar charts. Ed mentions the charts (and EMSI’s work with PRCD on knowledge clusters) in this slideshow presentation on new data tools for economic development.

Lastly, we thought we would pass along a video featuring an interview of Ed with Mike Mortell of the RWA that gives some nice detail on the new open-source methods of economic development. This was included in a presentation by Jasen Jones, executive director of the WIB of Southwest Missouri.