O*NET Highlights Widespread Use of its Data Program

October 1, 2009 by Emsi Burning Glass

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A new report from the National Center of O*NET Development chronicles how O*NET data has been used successfully by government agencies, educational institutions, and other organizations throughout the country and internationally. Several of the organizations highlighted are EMSI clients or partners, including the Newton (IA) Transformation Council, the WIB of Southwest Missouri, and Tennessee Valley Authority.

An excerpt from the report’s introduction:

Following are examples of the widespread use of O*NET products, including O*NET OnLine, the O*NET database, the Toolkit for Business, and the O*NET Career Exploration Tools. Among the many users of O*NET products are:

assessment and career information delivery systemseducational and research institutionsfederal and state government agenciesinternational usersprivate companies and commercial productspublic workforce investment systems and workforce investment boardU.S. Armed Forces

The use of O*NET products and tools continues to grow. The O*NET program, through continuous improvement efforts based on user needs and advancing technology, makes every effort to efficiently develop products that meet customer demands in both the public and private sectors.

Click here to access the report, entitled “O*NET Products At Work.”