SkillFit: A Skills-Based Path to Training and an in-Demand Job

July 21, 2021 by Drew Repp

Today Lightcast releases SkillFit, a new platform that flips the job board on its head. SkillFit starts with the unique skills and background of the jobseeker to create a personalized, skills-driven path to upskilling and an in-demand job.

Skills are the language used by people when talking about their abilities, talents, and knowledge. Skills are what employers are seeking and what they use to describe jobs they are hiring for. It only makes sense then that skills should be how jobseekers and employers connect. And this is what SkillFit does.

SkillFit closes the gap between jobseeker and employers by reinventing the way people understand themselves, their job search, and the local job market. To do this, SkillFit leverages the Lightcast library of over 30,000 skills and uses matching algorithms anchored in AI.

SkillFit lets jobseekers:

  1. Assess their career goals and interests

  2. Inventory their skills (both from their resume and through self-selection)

  3. From skills mapped in curriculum of local ETPL, identify training opportunities

  4. See local job openings that match their skills and interests

SkillFit is for workforce development organizations, chambers of commerce, economic development groups, or any organization that recognizes jobseeker services in their community need innovation; that customers are desperate for more than just another stopgap job. 

Organizations deploying SkillFit are able to guide jobseekers using the skill language of their local labor market. Additionally, they can more confidently direct customers to reskilling and upskilling, as training programs are recommended based on the jobseeker’s existing skills and those needed for their desired job. Jobseeker progress is managed with administrator access so career coaches can ensure successful outcomes and easily report program results.

Now is the moment

For communities to thrive and remain resilient, they must find new and better ways to connect people to in-demand jobs. People have valuable skills and a desire to succeed, yet many businesses struggle to find talent. In the midst of these unprecedented labor market challenges, SkillFit provides guidance to jobseekers and also helps employers, states, and regions adapt their workforce system to the pace of technological change and disruption.

In our human capital economy, people are the most valuable component. Their value will only grow in the coming years as labor shortages persist. To retain and expand local businesses, communities must help them find and invest in human capital.

SkillFit lets communities not just talk about pivoting, but actually do it. It creates a skills-based job and training matching system that invests in a region’s most valuable asset: its people.

And communities are already innovating in this way. From the State of Nevada to the Middletown Chamber in southwest Ohio, leaders in economic and workforce development are deploying skills-based approaches to reimagining workforce development.

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