Territorium Uses Lightcast Data to Help Learners Showcase Skills

February 23, 2023 by Lightcast

San Antonio, TX – February 22, 2023 -- Lightcast and Territorium have joined in a strategic partnership to bring labor market data into LifeJourney, Territorium's new comprehensive toolkit that bridges the gap between education and the workforce.

"LifeJourney empowers institutions and enables all learners, especially the nearly 40 million adults with some or no college degree, to demonstrate their complete capabilities in a verified digital record, including the skills they have acquired from all of their experiences," said Jonell Sanchez, Chief Growth Officer, Territorium. "Using data from Lightcast, we connect learners in our mobile app with personalized job opportunities right in the palm of their hand."

“We’re excited to be working with Territorium to bring new capabilities to learners, allowing them to directly match their educational and skill profile to real-time opportunities for career advancement,” said Bob Hieronymus, Senior Vice President for Strategic Partnerships at Lightcast.  “It’s data at the point of decision to inform career success.”

At the heart of the LifeJourney toolkit is Territorium's comprehensive learner record (CLR). In today's fast-paced job market, having a CLR that showcases a person's skills and capabilities has become increasingly important.

In addition to the TerritoriumCLR, LifeJourney's CareerBit technology leverages Lightcast data to identify the essential skills and functional requirements for various job titles. This information then matches learners' CLR data with available career choices and job opportunities. An AI-generated pathway matches learners with the top five skills for a particular position. This pathway outlines the additional skills, training, or courses the learner can pursue to develop their abilities further and prepare for future job postings with similar titles.

LifeJourney's CareerBit technology then takes it a step further by enabling learners to search for jobs and apply for recommended jobs with the help of the TerritoriumCLR. Learners can showcase their skills, certifications, degrees, and activities to potential employers, demonstrating their capabilities and setting themselves apart from other applicants.

Territorium's LifeJourney is an innovative and secure toolkit that empowers learners to take control of their digital credentials and enhance their earning power. With personalized learning, assessments, and career opportunities, learners can achieve their full potential and succeed in the job market.

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