Visit With Us at AACC

April 11, 2019 by Remie Verougstraete

Visit With Us at AACC

This weekend, Emsi is headed to the AACC convention in Orlando, FL! We’re excited to spend time with over 2,000 community college leaders, sharing best practices and exploring how data can help institutions make good decisions that drive student success. If you’ll be there and would like to chat, please email Brian Bailey to set up a time. We’d love to connect!

Community college solutions

At Emsi, our community college roots run deep. Back in 2000, we were commissioned by the ACCT to develop a model that would capture the economic impact of community colleges. Almost 20 years later, over half the community colleges in the country have used our economic impact study to help quantify and demonstrate the value they bring to their communities.

While our products, services, and client list have all grown, we remain as committed as ever to helping community colleges fill their vital role in the nation’s education ecosystem.  In particular, we work to help colleges in four key areas:

  • Program development and review – Create relevant programs that address skill gaps in your region

  • Employer engagement – Leverage job postings and professional profiles to identify which employers are hiring your graduates and looking for workers with the skills you aspire to teach

  • Student engagement – Provide a career vision for current and prospective students with the help of relevant labor market and alumni employment outcomes data

  • Impact assessment and alumni outcomes – Measure your institution’s economic impact and assess alumni employment outcomes

Program development and review

As a community college committed to helping your students achieve academic and career success, it’s more important than ever to understand the unique economic needs and opportunities in your service area.

What positions are employers trying to fill? Where are the skill gaps? What industries are growing in our region?

Emsi offers expert consulting to help answer these questions in the form of a comprehensive Program Demand Gap Analysis. Our team of economists works with your institution to collect relevant data about your programs, and then produces an objective, reliable report to help you align your programs with regional demand.

For ongoing, ad hoc program research, Emsi provides a cloud-based software platform called Analyst. Analyst combines traditional economic data from government sources with job posting analytics to provide a real-time, detailed look at the specific job titles and skills that employers in your region are looking for—so you can offer the programs your students need to excel in those jobs.

Supply vs. Demand of Skills in Analyst

Employer engagement

Robust labor market data provides an essential foundation, but solid employer partnerships can also provide vital input for developing relevant, in-demand programs.

But how can you expand your employer network? How do you identify top employers for particular industries or jobs, let alone discover which institutions might have a critical mass of your own graduates?

Emsi’s professional profile data, available in Analyst, can help answer these questions, and more. It provides access to over 107 million U.S. profiles and can be filtered by job title, skill, and even alma mater, so you can focus in on your own institution’s workforce footprint.

If you’re starting up a new program and want to discover which employers might be motivated to partner with you on curriculum development, use job posting analytics to see who’s hiring for what positions, and what specific skills they are looking for.

Already have an employer in mind that you’d like to partner with? Get a look at the skills and talent they currently employ, as well as their job posting trends over time. It takes just a few clicks with the company talent profile (in Analyst), and enables your team to come to the table informed, empowered, and ready to initiate a win-win partnership.

Job Posting Trends in Company Talent Profile

Student engagement

When students have a career vision, they’re more likely to complete their program of study on time… and succeed in their career. Emsi empowers colleges to provide this career vision from two perspectives.

First Career Coach leverages Emsi’s detailed labor market data (tailored to your service area) and a customized CIP-to-O*NET crosswalk to help students see the connection between your programs and great careers.

Labor market information helps students see the possibilities, but prospective students also want to know if your alumni have successful careers. The question is, can you show them?

With GoRecruit, the answer is a resounding yes. GoRecruit is an easy-to-use tool that provides program-specific employment outcomes data for your graduates, and helps you share that information through configurable infographics. It equips enrollment and marketing professionals with the data they need to demonstrate alumni success, engage current and prospective students, and ultimately drive enrollment.

Alumni outcomes and economic impact

Once students graduate, it can be hard to stay in touch. Life gets busy, surveys go unanswered, and institutions are left wondering about the effectiveness and impact of their programs.

But, with Alumni Outcomes, you can see how your alumni are using their education in the real world. Alumni Outcomes is powered by a match process that marries Emsi’s profile database with your institution’s records. The result: detailed alumni employment outcomes data, available at the program level. Deliverables include a web interface for easy filtering and program analysis, as well as the raw data file with all available employment, education, and contact information for grads we are able to match.

If you’re looking to demonstrate the overall economic impact of your institution, or assess the potential impact of a new facility, Emsi’s team of economists can provide an impact study and/or capital analysis. Let us know what you’re looking to measure and we’ll work with you to gather the data, crunch the numbers, and tell the story.

Alumni Outcomes web interface

Explore all of Emsi’s solutions for higher education, and check out recent case studies to see how other colleges and universities are using data to promote student success. If you have any questions or would like to chat, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!