Webinar: Securing Enrollments Through Cybersecurity Education

September 20, 2019 by Alex Doyle

Webinar: Securing Enrollments Through Cybersecurity Education

Emsi is pleased to join UPCEA and HackerU on September 27 at 2pm EST (11am PST) to present the webinar Securing Enrollments Through Cybersecurity Education.

Back in January, we published  Five Things You Should Know About Cybersecurity, which provided insight into the rapidly growing cybersecurity industry. Of course, as cyber attacks have increased in frequency over the last few years, high-skill cybersecurity professionals have continued to grow in importance and demand. But as the demand grows, there is simply not enough qualified talent to meet industry needs.

In this environment, higher education has the chance to play a major role in helping cybersecurity students and professionals maximize their impact (and earning potential) by mastering the latest technologies and skills.

During this webinar, UPCEA’s Jim Fong, Emsi’s Doug Heckman, and HackerU’s Ayal Stern will discuss:

  • The urgency and importance of having a skilled cybersecurity workforce.

  • A profile of current and future cybersecurity professionals.

  • An outline of the cybersecurity industry’s curricular needs.

Click below to register and and join us on September 27!