Thursday October 27th - 6PM (UTC)

Identify and Align with Industry Partners

using Lightcast data


Webinar Recording

A good industry partnership can work wonders for your college or university. In the midst of a labor shortage that shows no sign of stopping, it can provide serious benefits to employers as well. The outcome is a win-win collaboration where employers get a reliable partner to upskill employees into in-demand roles, and institutions get a steady source of enrollment.

But identifying the right partners can be a challenge, not to mention demonstrating alignment between your curriculum and the skill gaps they need filled within their organization. Real-time market insight that pinpoints the skills sought by companies for specific roles, and where those skills are taught in specific programs and courses, is essential.

In this webinar, we’ll take an in-depth look at how to use Lightcast tools and data to get this insight, and inform industry engagement. Whether you’re completely new to Lightcast or a long-time power user, you’ll gain a better understanding of:

  • Why now is a strategic time to pursue industry partnerships, and what data can help

  • How to identify top employers and pinpoint in-demand skills using Analyst

  • How Skillabi makes it easy to validate alignment of course content with employer needs

  • How SkillsMatch makes it possible to surface targeted learning recommendations to working learners