Subject Insight

The online dashboard that helps university market insight teams assess regional labour market and skills demand by subject area - quickly and efficiently.

Lightcast Subject Insight

How does it work?

Users enter a subject area or CAH code and can immediately access critical data on associated occupations, qualifiers (representing new graduate supply into the workforce), in-demand skills and job titles, and regional employers, as well as subject areas with overlapping employment outcomes. All of this is exportable to Word and Excel, or as a presentation-ready PDF.

How can it help?

Market Insight teams who don’t have the time or resources to engage in deep skills and labour market analyses themselves can use Lightcast Subject Insight to quickly generate reports to inform a number of activities, including course reviews, portfolio planning and business cases, as well as support careers advice and employer engagement activities.

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Target Occupations

Quantify labour market demand for occupations associated with a subject area in your region and relative to the rest of the country.

Regional Qualifiers

Assess the number of qualifiers by award level to understand the potential supply of new workers available to the region’s labour market.

In-Demand Skills

Identify the top skills employers look for when hiring for associated roles, and use this to inform your provision and student support to reflect employer demand.

Job Titles

Understand the potential opportunities for employment connected to your courses in terms of real world job titles.


Discover which companies are hiring for roles connected to courses in your region to provide tangible data for employer engagement.

Similar Courses

Illuminate which other subject areas might also be tapping the same graduate opportunities in the region.



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