Thursday March 2nd - 11AM (UTC)

Understanding the Emerging Green Economy


Navigating the economic and labour market changes required to achieve net zero is becoming central to the future livelihoods of people and communities right across the UK. Yet organisations involved in its implementation lack the data and insight to understand, map and navigate the green economy in their area both now and in the future. Until now.In this webinar, we’ll be introducing an exciting new partnership between WPI Economics, The Data City and Lightcast, which can give the insight and resources to help local civic and policy organisations understand what is needed to grow the skills and labour market to support green jobs and inclusive growth. Together, we’ll be sharing how our partnership can help answer the following key questions:

  • How is the green economy growing in your area over time?

  • What does decarbonisation mean for skills and employment policy in your area?

  • Which sectors present the best opportunities for residents and which could suffer from skills shortages?

Join Joe Ahern, Head of Policy Consulting, WPI Economics; Alex Craven, Cofounder and CEO, The Data City; and Will Cookson, Account Director, Lightcast as they talk through this critical topic.