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Europe Economic Development


As an organisation with responsibility to help your regional economy grow and prosper, how can you ensure the decisions you take are in tune with the needs of your area, particularly given the volatile economic times and fast-changing labour market?


By using robust, detailed data on your area's labour market, which can give you a better understanding of its industrial strengths, occupational mix, and an up-to-date view of the skills needs of regional employers.


We have exactly this kind of unparalleled data, and hundreds of organisations just like yours are using it to assess local priorities and opportunities, build an evidence-based strategy, and so ultimately unlock the potential of their labour market. We can help you too.

Rather than telling you about our data, what we really want to do is show you our data. This is why we've created Lightcast European Insights - a free tool which you can log into, take a look at the data, and decide for yourself if you want to see more. Click the button to start the journey towards seeing how our data can help your organisation.

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To find out more about how our data can help you better understand your region's labour market and skills demand, check out the short video or click the button below to have a play with some of our data. To discuss how we can help your organisation achieve its strategic goals of building a more prosperous regional economy, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch shortly.


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