AI is a Partner for Language Translators, Not a Replacement

Study Shows Job Postings for Translators Has Held Stable, but Demand for AI Skills Has Doubled

Published on Apr 13, 2023

Written by Lightcast Press Office

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(Boston, MA) - April 26, 2023 - The advent of AI-driven translation apps hasn’t cut the number of job postings for language professionals–but those workers increasingly need AI skills, according to a new study using Lightcast data.

This may be a sign that the impact of artificial intelligence will have an impact on the broader job market, with many people working alongside AI rather than being replaced by it, Lightcast economists said.

“Translators aren’t being replaced by AI, they’re using it to get more done. In order to work effectively, language software still relies on the work of professional translators,” said Lightcast Senior Economist Layla O’Kane.

Lightcast data, featured in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) report Not Lost in Translation, provides insight on AI’s effect on translation and language professionals.  Translation apps are well-established technology (Google Translate was introduced in 2006) so their impact on jobs can be studied.

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