Emsi and AdeptID Partner to Improve Middle-Skill Job Transitions

Published on Dec 14, 2020

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Drew Repp

Emsi and AdeptID Partner to Improve Middle-Skill Job Transitions

Emsi is pleased to announce our recent partnership with AdeptID. A new venture based in Boston, AdeptID uses machine learning to make job transitions easier for middle-skilled workers and the companies who train and hire them. Through models which couple outcomes data (hiring information from employers and job placements from training programs) with skills data, they are able to determine which skills are predictive of hiring results. 

The partnership deploys Emsi’s extensive library of more than 30,000 skills for use in AdeptID’s models. Workers are more than their current or last job title, and it’s skills that reveal the depth of their abilities and backgrounds. The more and better skills which are used improves the AdeptID algorithm. By using Emsi Skills, AdeptID can pinpoint which skills are most predictive of success. The end result is better identification of non-obvious, high impact job transitions based on a worker’s unique skills and the opportunities within a company.

And early results show that Emsi skills are improving predictions of hiring success. When the AdeptID model is trained with Emsi’s skills alone, it can successfully predict 86% of hiring results This accuracy is higher than what is seen if the model is trained solely on BLS and O*Net data. This sort of intelligence helps HR teams manage their talent pipelines, training providers guide the placement of their learners, and communities understand growth pathways for their workers.

“We are very excited to be a part of AdeptID’s beginnings. They are incredibly innovative in this space and we look forward to seeing how skills data can be used in more specific and impactful ways,” said Paul Taylor, Emsi’s director of strategic partnerships.

“Having the best possible skills data is critical to what we do, and Emsi’s extensive library of skills has already helped our models show some really encouraging results. We’re excited for what we can do next,” added AdeptID CEO, Fernando Rodriguez-Villa.

This is the first of many real-world applications of Emsi’s skills data and AdeptID’s machine learning. The two firms plan to jointly serve employers by helping them hire faster and in a more inclusive way, and training providers by helping them develop personalized, outcomes-based recruitment, learner pathing, and job placement.

About Emsi:
We are a labor market data company headquartered in Moscow, Idaho with offices around the US and in the UK. We serve clients across the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Our amazing clients use Emsi data to solve a variety of problems in economic development, workforce development, commercial real estate, higher education, and talent acquisition.

About AdeptID:
AdeptID is a Boston-based social impact venture founded by machine learning veterans to improve job transitions for middle-skilled workers and those that train and hire them. We use underlying skills data to identify high-likelihood, high-impact pathways between roles across industries. We help employers expand their hiring pipeline of hard-to-fill roles to new, non-obvious pools of talent and vocational training programs to recommend successful pathways and improve placement.

To learn more about Emsi Skills partnerships, contact Paul Taylor. To learn more about how AdeptID is improving middle-skilled job transitions, contact Fernando Rodriguez-Villa.