Meeting Prep Made Easy With the NEW Company Talent Profile

Published on Jul 20, 2018

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Emsi Burning Glass

Meeting Prep Made Easy With the NEW Company Talent Profile

Tomorrow you have a meeting with a local company to discuss their critical talent needs. You frantically search Google and LinkedIn to prepare yourself for this meeting.

  • Who works at this company?

  • Who are they trying to hire?

  • What other companies are searching for the same talent?

If you knew this information you would be prepared to help this company retain, develop, and attract talent.

That’s why we created Company Talent Profile. In a few clicks, you can learn everything you need about the talent they have and the talent they want.

  • Current employee job titles and skills

  • Employment gaps and hiring activity over time

  • Regional companies competing for the same talent

Three Easy Steps:

  1. Search: Quickly search local companies based on name, location, and job title.

  2. See the types of people employed and the company’s hiring activity: Better understand your companies’ talent needs. Prepare ideas based on the jobs they employ, the jobs they’re hiring for, and regional competitors.   

  1. Export: Save, print, and better engage with companies in your area.

What data is being used?

We pull 83 million jobs postings from over 50,000 sites and aggregate over 105 million online social profiles to create our Company Talent Profile. This solution provides a full data picture from our Job Posting Analytics and Workforce/Alumni Insight database.

What Are Clients Already Saying?

“This is a completely creative and unique way of looking at companies that no one else is doing.”

“I see this as front-end business intelligence.”

“When we meet with businesses, this will help us feel and sound smart.”

“Our business development reps will use the heck out of this.”

“Company Talent Profile highlights company attributes in an entirely new way.”


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