Schenectady County Community College has $330M impact

Published on Jul 1, 2008

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Emsi Burning Glass

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A socioeconomic impact study by EMSI has concluded that Schenectady County Community College benefits its region to the tune of $330 million, the majority of which is due to increased student earnings and productivity resulting from their education. This factor, which plays a key role in EMSI’s methodology, is virtually ignored by most college impact studies.

“This report details the significant contributions that SCCC has made to the vitality of our local economy and to the lives of our students. It is important that our county and state taxpayers, as well as our students, know that the investment they have made in SCCC for nearly 40 years, has resulted in long-term positive financial effects for them. The report was created by an independent national firm utilizing many sources of data relating to the College and its economic impact on the local area. We want to share this report with members of our community to let them actually see the return on their investment and that our students, faculty and staff continue to be essential contributors to the economic stability of the county,” said Gabe Basil, SCCC President.

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