Silatech, EMSI embarking on pilot initiative in Yemen

Published on Jun 26, 2009

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Emsi Burning Glass

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Silatech, an innovative social enter­prise created to meet the urgent need to gener­ate new jobs and opportunities for young people in the Arab world, is preparing to launch a host of pilot initiatives in Yemen. EMSI is pleased to be a partner with Silatech in one such project, which involves providing labor market and economic analysis for regional planners, government agencies, investors, and the private sector.

Silatech’s groundbreaking work was recently highlighted in a Yemeni newspaper. Here’s an excerpt:

Developed in line with Silatech’s guiding principles of schemes that offer the potential for scale and sustainability these pilots will create over 6000 job opportunities and provide support to close to 1000 youth-run micro and small businesses over a 24 month period.

Silatech will partner with the ILO and UNDP to provide strategic support to the Yemeni Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to improve the overall labor market functioning in Yemen, particularly benefiting youth, through the strengthening of Government labour information and analysis capacity.

Central to this project will be the integration of a Silatech / EMSI co-developed economic modeling tool which will provide the Government and other key Yemeni stakeholders with economic development, investment and labour force planning capacity which will enable them to maximize the impact of national and foreign investments on youth.

Check out this new web site for more on the Silatech/EMSI partnership.