USDE Gainful Employment Requirements & EMSI Career Coach

Published on May 26, 2011

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Emsi Burning Glass

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The U.S. Department of Education has laid out major gainful employment reporting requirements that will soon take effect. These new requirements — which include tying postsecondary educational programs to the occupations they train for — will directly impact colleges’ access to federal financial aid through Title IV of the Higher Education Act, so clearly this is a big issue for many in higher education.

As part of the regulations, colleges must display the name and Standard Occupation Code (SOC) of occupations related to particular programs on the individual program webpages by July 1 to be compliant. If you’re wondering how your college is going to meet this and other requirements in time, EMSI can help.

EMSI’s Career Coach web app markets your college to prospective students by informing them of employment opportunities available to your graduates. Specifically for the gainful employment requirements, Career Coach helps with compliance by displaying on your college’s site:

  • The names and Standard Occupation Codes (SOCs) for occupations that each program trains for;

  • Links to occupation profiles on the Department of Labor’s O*NET site;

  • And other required data (e.g., on-time graduation rates, course tuition and fees, etc.) that would be provided by the college.

EMSI will provide all of the relevant occupation data and present it all to students in an easy-to-use and USDE-compliant way on your college’s website. In addition Career Coach can provide this same information for all programs at your college, not only those subject to the new rules.

Career Coach saves hundreds of man-hours of staff time spent:

  • Mapping programs to occupation (SOCs) for all applicable programs;

  • Collecting up-to-date labor market data for SOCs;

  • Information for each individual program page; and

  • Disclosing this information in an “open format that can be retrieved, downloaded, indexed, and searched by commonly used web search applications,” as required in part 668.6 of the new rules.

To find out more how EMSI can help your college comply and protect its Title IV status, please contact Andrew Postell by email ( or phone (208.883.3500 ext. 1013).