Wednesday April 26th - 6:00 PM (UTC)

Demonstrating the Value of Higher Education

Lessons from the Alabama Community College System


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In this webinar, Lightcast economists are joined by Barry May, Executive Director of Workforce and Economic Development for The Alabama Community College System (ACCS). They share lessons learned from ACCS’s journey to quantify the value and contributions of Alabama’s 24 community and technical colleges, from both the institution and system perspectives.

Join us to learn the best practices behind ACCS’s successful impact study rollout, which has (so far) generated over 30 news stories, press releases, and interviews across the state, as well as strong engagement on social media and interest from state legislators.

Lightcast economists Hannah Ruffridge and Laura Robison also provide a behind-the-scenes look at the methodology and data necessary to conduct a comprehensive, defensible economic impact study.

Viewers will:

  • See how an impact study leverages institutional and economic data to demonstrate value to key stakeholders, including legislators, business leaders, and potential students.

  • Learn from ACCS’s successful rollout of their study’s findings, including strategies for driving engagement and generating support.

  • Learn about Lightcast’s time-tested methodology for capturing and quantifying the unique benefits higher education brings to the local economy.

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