The Job-Readiness Room

Engaging and building a skilled workforce foundation.

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How do we build the entry-level workforce?

We provide an engagement and training platform to help communities support the retention and recruitment efforts of medium-sized employers. The JRR helps grow and stabilize a local workforce by engaging entry-level hires immediately.

How JRR supports employers

The JRR gives a community organization the ability to offer onboarding at medium-sized businesses and provide training to their recently hired entry-level workers.

CheckmarkThe platform provides educational courses for entry-level workers to improve their capabilities and accelerate their productivity.
CheckmarkReduces employers' costs on external training programs through online retention efforts.
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How JRR supports jobseekers

Capable and motivated workers struggle to show they're job-ready, leaving many to forage for work. The Job-Readiness Room helps them give employers meaningful signals that they are ready.

CheckmarkVerifies their job readiness and industry knowledge.
CheckmarkEnhances their career prospects and professional growth.
CheckmarkSupports their learning, job search, and application processes.
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Critical Partnerships

Addressing the challenges faced by entry-level workers and employers requires us to think differently about welcoming workers, building skills, and making connections.

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Bendable Labs

Bendable Labs innovates new solutions to lifelong learning, economic mobility, and opportunity for people across the country at every stage of their employment journey.

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Community Organizations

Chambers of commerce, employers, and other community partners can ensure their entry-level talent is connected to vital skill development and career opportunity.

A sneak peek into how it works for your employers

Recent hires can turn 15 hours of learning into a more fulfilling career with a local employer.


Job-readiness skills

Recent hires complete four core courses that focus on transferable skills with support from their recent employer.


The local employer

After course completion, recent hires choose their employer's industry-specific capstone course and receive a microcredential.


The career path

Lightcast data then shows recent hires what skills are needed for next step jobs and the Bendable courses to learn them.

Ready to build your entry-level workforce?

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