Build your pipeline with adult prospects who have intent to enroll

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Save time and money with predictive analytics that let you identify high-intent prospects.

CheckmarkCreate targeted contact lists for high-ROI marketing and communications campaigns
CheckmarkEngage prospects from hard-to-reach populations
CheckmarkEfficiently recruit students for unique, low-awareness programs
CheckmarkOptimize ad campaigns by reaching the right audience, through the right channels

How does it work?

CollegeAPP+ lets you build your pipeline of prospective adult students with data about an individual’s current occupation and future intent to enroll. This proprietary data and modeling gives education providers the ability to efficiently create and target audiences of prospective adult learners.

The underlying database is built with publicly and commercially available data sources, and has been used in electoral politics and competitive commercial marketing sectors for years. Now, it’s available for higher education.

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U.S. adults in the database


Ages 25-59 with no college degree


High probability to enroll in education or training

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns with person-level insight:

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Educational Intent

Identify individuals who intend to enroll in higher education.

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Institutional Preference

Pinpoint prospects who are predisposed towards your specific institution type (vocational school, community college, 4-yr university, etc.).

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Preferred Modality

Validate prospective learners' preferred delivery method for the course or program you’re marketing (all-online vs. hybrid).

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Current Occupation

Use insight into an individual’s occupation to ensure you’re targeting the most relevant prospects for your programs and aligning your messaging with their career path and goals.

Find best-fit prospects for any type of program:

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Workforce training & certificates

Undergraduate degrees (associates and bachelors)

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Graduate and professional degrees

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Continuing education and extension programs

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