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Navigate Critical Workforce Decisions with Talent Intelligence

Utilise global talent insights for strategic skills optimisation

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More than 400 organizations, including 67 of the Fortune 100, rely on Lightcast’s labor market data and talent intelligence solutions to inform critical decisions and navigate market changes.

“Lightcast, the universal source of truth for global skills, promises a major step forward for companies who want to build skills-based strategies for recruiting, development, workforce management, and career development.”

- Josh Bersin, Talent, Learning, and HR Technology Leader

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Need help on your journey to becoming a Skills-Based Organisation? We can help.

Our Global Data

Lightcast is the largest, most comprehensive provider of labor market data and talent intelligence. Lightcast clients are afforded access to: 

    18 Billion+ data points from government sources

    1 Billion+ current and historical job postings

    1 Billion global profiles and resumes

    10 Million company profiles 

When Lightcast’s labor market data is combined with an organization’s talent data, a deeper level of intelligence is delivered to help organizations see the bigger talent picture -  upcoming challenges, opportunities, and potential risks. 

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We’re the Recognized Leader in Skills 

Our skills library is the standard for organisations across the globe.

It refreshes monthly and features 32,000+ skills normalised and honed by our in-house experts from real-world use cases. It's a comprehensive, current, crowd-sourced common skills language.

Where Internal and External Data Intersect

Talent Intelligence

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, talent intelligence plays a pivotal role in shaping the success of organizations. It allows companies to gain a comprehensive understanding of their workforce and the broader labor market, serving as the bridge between internal and external data.

Talent intelligence combines real-time data on the labor market with internal information in a strategic way to provide context and inform talent decisions. 

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