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Market Selection

Elevate your market selection decisions with dynamic location analytics.

market selection

Leverage detailed labor market data to strategically compare markets and choose the most optimal one based on specific business needs.

How It Works:


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Focus your market search based on market size, region, and time zone.


Select your industry or specific occupations.


Markets with insufficient talent available are automatically filtered out.


Weight specific workforce categories most important to your business.


Analyze all markets that fit your criteria, efficiently scored and ranked for decision making.

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With this tool you can:

CheckmarkAssess new physical business locations for expansion or relocation
CheckmarkIdentify new labor pools to recruit talent from
CheckmarkEvaluate and benchmark current physical business locations
CheckmarkAnalyze and benchmark current labor pools

Lightcast market data is comprehensive.

With locations either equipped or not to support your business goals, you need to be able to evaluate and choose your target market by analyzing the most up-to-date and relevant labor data. 

Insider’s Market Selection report helps organizations make the best decisions now to support future labor needs.

Experience the Tool Below:

This is just a glimpse of what Insider Market Selection can do, focusing on one specific industry and its occupations.

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This is a high-level sample of Lightcast data in action.

Connect with our consulting experts to get data tailored to your needs.

With detailed labor market data, you can evaluate current labor pools and locations as well as identify opportunities for the future.

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Defined Structure, Data, and Model

Results are delivered quickly and efficiently based on the best data categorization, data points, and model for market selection.

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Made by Subject Matter Experts

Don’t wonder if you did it right, Lightccast does it for you using a robust methodology developed by a team of experts.

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Lightcast Performs All the Heavy Lifting

Our experts gather, maintain, update, and score the hundreds of individual data points incorporated into the analysis, automatically.

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Obtain Quick and Clear Recommendations

Analyze only the markets that fit your criteria to explicitly score and rank them from best to worst while providing all the documentation to back it up. 

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