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Workforce intelligence that powers smart decisions

Align your organization with strategic data and insights. Find the right talent, guide career success, and identify new locations to expand.

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Global workforce data and insights — all in one place


resumes and social networking profiles


categorized job postings and industry benchmarks


compensation packages and salary examples

Grow the smart way — with data that’s collected, customized, and analyzed just for you

Analyze every business decision through a strategic lens using billions of data points from any region or market, with custom reports designed for your specific industry needs. Then, watch how your organization thrives.

How it works


We gather the data that's relevant to your goals

Lightcast Data is a combination of labor market information, job postings, global data, skills data, compensation data, + online profiles.


We give data the Lightcast treatment

Our team and tech clean, categorize, and draw meaning from the data. We turn millions of relevant inputs into actionable insights just for you.


We deliver the data + insights however they serve you best

Whether you’ve got great tech support or none, you can leverage the insights right away. Access ongoing training to gain confidence and solve more problems with data.

Solve business challenges with intuitive data tools

  • Quickly validate salary planning decisions

  • Access the latest DEI benchmarks

  • Integrate global market research into your favorite tools

  • Guide upskilling and career path development with current skills data

  • Expand your business into new markets

  • Recruit more competitively and cut out lengthy hiring processes

Workforce planning is about to get a whole lot easier.

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Workforce intelligence data unlocks growth opportunities, proves ROI, and leads to sustainable change.

Enterprise & Staffing

Guide competitive recruiting and talent strategies


Align academic programs with career success


Support equitable growth in your community

Data + insights however you want them


With direct access to the robust datasets that power our software, the Lightcast Data API offers ultimate flexibility and custom reporting. Create custom data displays and applications.


Conducting research is simple with Lightcast tools — explore interactive maps and graphs, share them with your team, and cut extensive data processes that waste resources down to a few clicks.


Our team of consultants and data scientists apply Lightcast’s advanced labor market information to any question — uncovering measurable strategies with a clear roadmap for growth.

Workforce intelligence and skills data are helping top organizations thrive

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DentalOne Partners filled 75% of open jobs in a tough market

Using Lightcast Talent Analyst, DentalOne Partners made almost 1,000 hires in a single year by relocating talent and updating compensation based on local data.

Insperity helps clients stay competitive using a single intelligence tool

The Analytics + Reporting Team at Insperity streamlined the analysis process and found growth opportunities for clients with Lightcast Talent Analyst.

The University of Florida expands online programs based on labor market trends

UF’s program development manager used the Lightcast Analyst tool to identify “education deserts” and fill gaps in the market with new online programs.

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