Labour Insight

A highly intuitive research tool giving unrivalled insights on the demand for jobs and skills in your focus labour market.

Labour Insight

What is Labour Insight?

Labour Insight is a simple, intuitive software tool, which uses Lightcast’s unrivalled labour market data to give you easy access to critical insights on employer demand for jobs and skills in your region of interest. Whether you’re an education provider looking to inform your course design by identifying the skills they relate to, or a workforce development agency seeking to understand employer skills needs in your region, Labour Insight will help you make more informed decisions on the initiatives and interventions you take relating to your labour market.

What does Labour Insight offer you?

Labour Insight gives you accesss to granular labour market data for your region of interest, to help you answer the following sorts of questions:

job architecture

✓ What are the top occupations in our location?

✓ Which jobs are growing the most?

✓ What is the median salary for specific jobs?

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✓ Which skills are currently in-demand?

✓ Which skills are growing or declining?

✓ What skills are required for specific jobs?

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✓ How does job demand differ by region?

✓ How does skills demand vary between areas?

✓ How do salaries compare in different areas?

5 major use cases

Here are five ways our clients are using Labour Insight to achieve their goals - each of which can be used by your organisation for your area:

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Understand Trends

Understand the jobs local employers are seeking and the skills they’re requesting for new employees.

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Identify Strengths

Identify the industries in your area that are strongest and those with the best opportunities for growth.

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Direct Jobseekers

Connect students or workers to in-demand jobs which utilise their skillset and transferable skills.

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Design Courses

Ensure that education programmes and courses are well aligned to the needs of local employers.

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Spot Opportunities

Track the jobs and skills that are emerging, plus those potentially at risk from things like automation.

“Lightcast enables us to access a data source that supports the work that we do, and furthers it. It’s really important, when building relationships within a research-based community, to have the evidence base to initiate conversations and credibly support them.”

Meg Dench,

Manager of Careers and Employability

University of Melbourne
Case Study: University of Melbourne

Using Data to Guide Career Choices

The University of Melbourne has partnered with Lightcast since 2017, using Labour Insight to support a number of initiatives including Study Area Reports for over 100 majors and degrees, giving students valuable insights on jobs related to their course, including in-demand skills, who's hiring, and top job titles.

university of melbourne

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