ACE Blockchain Challenge: How Emsi Skills Can Help

Published on Sep 2, 2020

Updated on Dec 19, 2022

Written by Emsi Burning Glass

ACE Blockchain Challenge: How Emsi Skills Can Help

The American Council on Education (ACE) recently announced a project titled ACE Blockchain Challenge. For innovators, leaders, and teams that intend to participate, Emsi Skills data can be used to give your project an advantage! 


Here is what you need to know: 

What is the ACE Blockchain Challenge? 

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ACE is accepting applications to the Blockchain Challenge from organizations across the U.S. until October 30th, 2020. The Blockchain Challenge, initiated by the Department of Education, is a project that seeks to bridge the gap between education and employment by providing learners of all ages with access to their digital records, such as transcripts and resumes. Winners of this challenge will be awarded up to $900,000. 


What is Blockchain? 

Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger technology (DLT) that links blocks of data together in such a way as to be both accessible to individuals and tamper-proof. Because this technology does not rely on a single authority for validation, it can serve individuals by allowing them agency over their own transactions, including monetary exchanges (through digital wallets), learning records, skills, and credentials. Read more about blockchain here. 

ACE is looking for pilot projects that utilize blockchain technology to help learners succeed in 3 ways: 

  1. Giving learners access and authority over their digital identities

  2. Helping learners document and share their skills from any institution

  3. Allowing learners to utilize their employment-relevant skills that can lead them to better job opportunities. 


How can Emsi help? 

Emsi is currently one of the only providers of “interoperable” skills data–meaning data that can be shared across multiple software systems–in the U.S. With Emsi Skills, organizations can use a common language to connect

people, employers, and educational programs. Our library of over 30,000 skills offers detailed definitions, related skills, posting trends, and more, all designed to help individuals enhance their resumes and connect their skills to jobs.

Blockchain can link a person’s educational transactions together, such as transcripts and learning records, and Emsi Skills can be linked within those records to produce a clearer, more robust and accurate depiction of the individual.



We encourage organizations, innovators, and students alike to participate in the ACE Blockchain Challenge, and to use Emsi Skills to supplement and enhance your project. If you have any questions about the Challenge or using Emsi Skills, please contact us below