WEBINAR | Thursday May 2nd

Alumni Career Insights: Takeaways from the 2023 NACM Annual Report


Alumni Surveys Research Fellow

Dr. Kimberly Yousey-Elsener

Key Topics

  • Overview of key findings and trends from last year’s National Alumni Career Mobility and Embark First Destination surveys

  • Best practices for activating alumni survey results to drive institutional change

  • Tips for administering effective surveys

Join us to hear from Dr. Kimberly Yousey-Elsener, Alumni Surveys Research Fellow at Lightcast and Visiting Research Associate Professor at Binghamton University. We'll explore how campus leaders can effectively leverage career success data through Lightcast's alumni sentiment surveys: the National Alumni Career Mobility (NACM) survey and Embark first destination survey.  You'll also have a chance to learn about data gathering and dissemination best practices.

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