First Destination Survey + Actionable Analytics

Elevate decision making and demonstrate ROI with career outcomes data from the Embark first destination survey.

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Simplify and supercharge your first destination survey (FDS)

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Why Embark?

By streamlining the FDS process and automating data collection, Embark liberates career centers from monotonous tasks, allowing staff to focus on higher-value activities while also providing valuable demographic filters to gain insights into serving diverse student populations. 

What does Embark include?


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Interactive dashboards

With Embark's interactive dashboards, universities gain comprehensive views of career outcomes data, empowering them to explore insights, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions for optimizing career readiness programs.

Custom outreach messaging and marketing toolkit

Empowers universities to create personalized and impactful communication strategies, enabling effective engagement with graduates and maximizing survey response rates for comprehensive and reliable career outcomes data.

Response rate updates

Set ongoing updates to arrive in your email to track survey engagement, enabling proactive measures to improve data collection and enhance the accuracy of career outcomes reporting.

Custom campus survey questions

Universities can tailor surveys to gather specific insights, enabling them to obtain targeted data and extract valuable details for assessing the effectiveness of career initiatives and addressing specific institutional needs.

Data cleaning and integration

By leveraging Embark's data scape, secondary data integration, and data cleaning capabilities your team saves time while also ensuring the integrity of our career outcomes data, enabling informed decision-making and impactful assessment of career readiness initiatives.

Appealing visuals

Embark's intuitive data visualizations breathe life into career outcomes data, enabling universities to present compelling narratives and engage stakeholders in a meaningful and impactful way.

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Go beyond traditional FDS data

Understand the value of a degree and identify high-impact practices

Traditional FDS questions focus on the basics: Career outcomes rate, first job or further education, salary, employer, etc.

These data points are foundational, but not sufficient. Today's institutions need deeper, more holistic insight into how alumni think about the value of their education, and specific practices they identify as essential to their post-college success.

To provide this, Embark includes 14 questions from the National Alumni Career Mobility Survey (NACM). These questions add critical depth to your FDS findings while laying the groundwork to track trends over time if you choose to deploy the full NACM five and ten-year career mobility surveys.

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Achieve your first destination survey goals with Embark

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Branded survey and welcome message

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Branded email messaging campaign

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Lightcast career profiles data

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Data cleaning and integration

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Unit data file in Excel

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Response rate updates

HR Tech Solutions

Export data to submit to NACE for benchmarking

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Campus summary report (all questions included)

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Export demographic filtered view of dashboard to PDF

See for yourself.

Wondering what Embark survey results look like? Our team is happy to walk you through an example dashboard and answer any questions you have. Just reach out, and we’ll be in touch soon.

Available in two tiers

Get all the data you need, and nothing you don't, with the Embark tier that's right for you.

Tier 1: Embark Light

    3 custom questions

    Survey undergraduate OR graduate students

    Results summary and wrap-up meeting with data team

    1 results summary report

    Standard (FDS and NACM core) Dashboard

Tier 2: Embark

    10 custom questions

    Survey undergraduate AND graduate students

    2 results summary and wrap-up meetings with data team

    2 dashboards (Standard Dashboard from Tier 1 + internal dashboard with 3 custom questions)

    Curated campus highlights in slide deck format

Wondering which tier is right for your institution?

We'd love to learn more about the work you're doing and explore how our alumni survey solutions can help.

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Embark was developed by the Career Leadership Collective to be the premier first destination survey solution for higher education. It is now part of Lightcast’s suite of data-driven solutions powering learner career success. 

Lightcast and the Collective maintain a strategic partnership to serve the alumni tracking and career-readiness needs of higher education.