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Do you struggle to answer data-specific questions?

icon of a question markWhat are the dominant industries in your client's region?
icon of a question markWhere can your client hire engineers for less than $45/hour?
icon of a question markWhat's the cost advantage of opening a new site in Phoenix?
icon of a question markIs your client's competitor after the same talent?

Answer questions no one else can

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Sharpen your location strategy
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“The global data is by far the best we have come across and is instrumental in how we run international site selection”

Conner Wisdorf,


T3 Advisors

Close the deal

Quickly ID markets that fit your client’s criteria.
Jump on opportunities as soon as they appear.
Become ultra-specific about your market niche.
Develop your brand of hyperlocal expertise.
Enhance your local knowledge with national and global labor trends.
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“The biggest value added for me has been commuter information: where the employers are, where the job postings are, and everything driving that.”

Angelica Maize,

Senior Marketing GIS Specialist

Cushman & Wakefield

You can't imagine the advantage

Developer crunches labor data far beyond human capacity so you can advise your client on where, when, and why to invest.

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Get there first with Lightcast data. Because faster is everything.

With all the information in one place, you’ll have the answers in seconds. Learn more.

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Staffing Patterns
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We also offer custom research

When time is of the essence, our economists can lend a hand.

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Lightcast: Your partner, never your competitor

We don't do your job for you. We don't make you obsolete. But we don't abandon you to solve your problems all by yourself either!
We will train you with Developer, show you how to use labor data to solve client problems, and let you win the success you deserve.
We’re that third-party expert who’s always got your back and never steals your thunder.
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