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We’ve partnered with government organizations since 2003.


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We're truly global, collaborating with agencies and bodies across 9 countries.


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We provide data to workforce boards, state departments of labor, foundations, and other agencies.


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We help unlock economic opportunity in cities, states, provinces, and nations across the globe.

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Lightcast data helps communities spotlight competitive strengths and illuminate pressing needs, so you can take action to unlock growth and opportunity.

CheckmarkKnow the industries and occupations driving your region
CheckmarkHelp jobseekers discover and train for successful careers
CheckmarkMap out career and education pathways in your community
CheckmarkAssess the skills your local workforce has, and the skill gaps that need to be filled
CheckmarkBenchmark your region against peers and market your competitive advantages
CheckmarkAttract new businesses, and grow your existing base

Solutions for every challenge


See what sets your community apart. Developer helps you quickly and efficiently understand your local economy, identify industry strengths, and analyze your workforce. It’s all the labor, economic, and demographic data you need—in one place.


Find companies with the most potential to expand to your region with a business intelligence platform that ranks over 9.5 million companies.


Tell your story with a customizable, no-code dashboard that communicates key workforce, economic, and community indicators. Automate reporting, attract investment, and help jobseekers find opportunity in your community – all while saving valuable time for your staff.

Career Coach

Give jobseekers the labor market information they need to make smarter career decisions. With Career Coach, they can develop their resumes, discover training and education programs, and find great jobs at local businesses.


Get expert recommendations for your community’s toughest challenges. Our consultants and data scientists provide custom studies and analyses on critical issues including the State of the Workforce, labor market supply-demand gaps, target industries, labor shed, workforce availability, career pathways, and skills transferability.


Get direct access to the same robust datasets powering our software solutions. With the Lightcast API, you have the freedom to create custom data displays and applications for your organization.

How Indy Chamber Activitated Regional Skills for Industry Growth

Creating growth for everyone is a complicated effort, needing a clear understanding of supply and demand throughout Indy’s labor market.

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"Having all this detailed data on the labor market [from Lightcast] makes a huge difference in our work."

Kendyl Lewis,

Research & Community Development Manager

Partnership Gwinnett

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We understand the complexities of workforce and economic development and the difficult work you do with limited resources, multiple stakeholders, and competitive pressure. That’s why we can be an integral part of your team. We'll train you to take full advantage of our data and partner with you to create powerful solutions.