Your Mission and Our Insight

Making decisions relating to your local economy is hard if you don't have confidence in the insight you’re basing those decisions on. Our aim is to give you both certainty and peace of mind that the decisions your organisation takes to fulfil your mission are based on the best and most appropriately detailed local Labour Market Insight available.

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Why Work With Lightcast?

In a word: Insight

We’re not interested in just being another data provider. What we want is to offer you the kind of insight that will genuinely help your organisation better understand your local labour market, so that you can make both strategic and tactical decisions that will make a huge difference to the lives of the people your organisation affects.

To find out more about what makes our insight special, how we deliver it, and how it can help your organisation, get in touch.

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What Makes us Uniquely Placed to Help Your Organisation?

By joining the hundreds of organisations across the UK and globally who have turned to us for help in solving their labour market challenges, you’ll benefit from our expertise in three key areas, which together form a package we are confident no other labour market data company can offer you:

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Our Data
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Our Products
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Our Service

How Do We Deliver Our Labour Market Insight to You?

Our data is delivered in a variety of ways to suit differing needs and budgets. These are:

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Software Platforms
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APIs and Snowflake
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Applied Research

Check out our 7 point customer pledge to see how we will provide ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of our solutions.

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By partnering with us you will...

Be able to make business decisions based on the best local insight.
Avoid making bad decisions based on a lack of good evidence.
Establish yourselves as an even more key player in your local economy.