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We're proud to work with over 1,000 colleges, universities, and ed tech companies that serve learners from all backgrounds.

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Lightcast’s mission in education is to provide data and analytics that help educators:  

  • optimize program offerings, 
  • connect students to programs and careers, and
  • communicate outcomes and impact.

"We love working with Lightcast. I could not imagine doing some of the things I do without the incredible partnership we have."

Esam Mohammad,

Associate VP of Research & Institutional Effectiveness

Butler Community College

Create and maintain relevant programs

Lightcast’s data and analysis helps you understand your economy: industries, demographics, employers, in-demand skills, and more. With this insight, you can align your programs with labor market opportunities --- giving your students the education they need to thrive in a competitive job market.

Market programs and drive enrollment

Whether it’s embedding relevant career information directly into program pages or showcasing the proven college-to-career pathways blazed by your alumni, you can help prospective students see how the education you provide will launch them towards their personal and professional goals.

Retain and Support Current Students

Give students confidence and clarity about their academic plan and the career path it leads to. Data on job opportunities, in-demand skills, and related education options can help them stay motivated, finish on time, and enter the job market equipped for success.

Track Employment Outcomes

Whether demonstrating program quality to prospective students (and their parents) or simply looking to better understand the career pathways associated with each of your programs, Lightcast will partner with you to deliver the detailed insight you need.

Demonstrate your Value

What would your community look like if your institution didn’t exist? Over 2,000 institutions in the US & Canada have trusted Lightcast's robust economic impact model to help them answer that question. Our team of economists will quantify your institution’s importance to the local economy and calculate the return on investment it offers to students, taxpayers, and society.

Enhance ed tech solutions and consulting services

Whether you’re helping institutions attract new students, create market-aligned credentials, or something in between, Lightcast data can enrich your product or service with detailed insight into the employers, jobs, and skills driving today’s economy. From flexible API solutions to user-friendly research tools, Lightcast has solutions to help you elevate your offering and deliver results for your clients.

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