Lightcast Joins The Snowflake Marketplace

Industry-Leading Data, More Accessible Than Ever

Published on Jan 24, 2024

Written by Tim Hatton

Lightcast data sets the industry standard for talent intelligence, and now, we’ve expanded access to a new platform: Lightcast has joined the Snowflake Marketplace. This new offering makes our data simpler to find and integrate into a Snowflake account, so that Lightcast offerings are both easier to combine with other Snowflake feeds and available to try for free.

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Lightcast global job posting data covering 29 countries in 11 different languages is available to users with a Snowflake account, via the Snowflake Data Marketplace. Snowflake account holders can gain quick and easy trial access to Lightcast’s unparalleled labor market data, and also make sense of it using Lightcast’s Open Skills and Open Titles taxonomies. This creates new opportunities to use Lightcast data in existing workflows, improving productivity and efficiency and reducing the time it takes to see real insights.

Snowflake also makes it easier to pull Lightcast data in bulk into a business intelligence or data visualization tool such as Tableau or Microsoft Power BI. The data from Snowflake will stay up to date in a way that a static data pull can’t, while also being easier to implement than an API.

“One of our highest priorities as we build the future of the labor market is expanding access to our best-in-class insight,” said JP Moran, GM & Executive Vice President, Enterprise, at Lightcast. “We want to meet organizations where they are, and offering our data on the Snowflake Marketplace creates new opportunities for us and for our clients. Our data on job postings, core LMI, Open Skills and Open Titles will all be free to try, which will be especially useful for anyone wanting to see how Lightcast can unlock new possibilities in their organization.”

Learn how Allegis uses Lightcast Data on Snowflake to connect internal systems to real-world insights for clients.

While Lightcast sets the global standard in labor market data, that’s often just one piece of the puzzle for our customers: you may want to integrate that data with internal company records or other external trends specific to your industry. Accessing Lightcast through Snowflake makes it easier to combine our insight with other Snowflake sources. This can assist with:

Market Analysis

By analyzing job postings data to taking the pulse of the job market, you can identify emerging industries, in-demand skills, and popular job types. This lets you discover where the opportunities lie and stay ahead of the curve.

Location Planning

Lightcast data allows you to examine where job postings are concentrated geographically, which is useful for situations where businesses are looking to expand or relocate and also valuable in showing jobseekers where to focus their search.


Labor market insight shows how employers approach their recruitment efforts so that you can uncover which companies are actively hiring, the types of job postings they prioritize, and the qualifications they seek. This is a key advantage for employers aiming to refine their strategies and optimize their hiring processes.

Empower Jobseekers

Education and training providers helping prepare workers for the labor market can provide them with the knowledge they need to thrive in the competitive landscape. Use Lightcast data to show trending skills, showcase industries with the highest demand, and provide guidance on how to stand out in the crowd.

Industry Competitiveness

Are some industries struggling to attract talent while others are thriving? Real-time labor market data allows you to analyze the competitiveness of different industries based on job postings.

How To Access Lightcast Data On The Snowflake Marketplace

Lightcast data is available to anyone with a Snowflake account. Once you’re signed in, navigate to the Lightcast provider page to explore the data products we have available, which include job postings and core labor market information from around the world, as well as our Open Skills Taxonomy.

Making our data more accessible opens more doors to the most current and comprehensive labor market insight possible. By partnering with Snowflake, Lightcast can continue to empower businesses, education providers, and communities to make better, faster decisions, driven by data.

Global talent intelligence is now just a click away.

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