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Simplifying and standardizing the job title ecosystem.

Lightcast Titles is an open-source library designed to help companies clean up their job-title chaos and transform the way they benchmark their talent.

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Lightcast Titles are an important part of the infrastructure supporting the function of the skills and occupation taxonomies. From the millions of raw titles collected from postings and profiles, our modeling team refines them down into a more standardized and accessible number (currently near 75,000).

The relationship between titles, occupations, and skills is fluid. Many titles map directly to an occupation in the LOT, but not all: the title of "Air Traffic Controller" would correspond directly to the "Traffic Controller" occupation, but that relationship is not fixed in the way the four levels of the occupation taxonomy are fixed to one another.

Lightcast Titles allows organizations to create a consistent standard to organize their core jobs data, to create a connection to external labor market data, and connect to useful taxonomies like LOT and Open Skills. It is a translation layer from what organizations call their jobs to useful external context so they can benchmark, compare, and analyze their data outside of their four walls. It creates universal meaning versus an inward-looking limited view.

The purpose of the Titles taxonomy is not to identify the skills associated with the occupation of fast food worker; the others are more effective in defining those relationships. Instead, the Titles taxonomy is used to recognize that a "sandwich artist" being hired at Subway is, for all intents and purposes associated with labor market data analysis, a fast food worker.

Simply and Standardize Your Job Titles

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Lightcast Titles distills over 20 million real-world jobs titles (collected from over a billion job postings, resumes, and profiles) into 75,000 standardized titles.