Thursday October 19th - 6:00 PM (UTC)

How Alumni Surveys Provide Insight for Learner Career Success

Using alumni feedback to drive high-impact career readiness practices on campus


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From answering questions about the ROI of a degree to establishing feedback loops that guide continuous improvement, visibility into students’ post-college career experience is more critical now than ever. To help meet this need, Lightcast recently acquired two survey products from the Career Leadership Collective: the Embark first destination survey and the National Alumni Career Mobility Survey (NACM), which captures alumni feedback on career preparation, satisfaction, and economic mobility five and 10 years after graduation.

In this webinar, Jeremy Podany, founder and CEO of The Career Leadership Collective which developed these surveys to support the career-readiness needs of higher education, explained how these alumni surveys equip institutions to measure and improve learners’ career success. Podany was joined by Bob Hieronymus (SVP for Strategic Partnerships and Innovation) and Daphne Dor-Ner (VP of Product Management, Education Division) who shared how these surveys enhance and complement Lightcast’s portfolio of data-driven solutions for institution and student success.

Watch the recording to discover how your institution can get greater insight into alumni’s post-college experiences: where they start out, how their careers progress, and how effective their education was in providing the skills and experiences they needed to succeed. 

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