WEBINAR | Wednesday January 31st

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Alexandria Wright

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Simon Haines

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In this webinar, you’ll hear from eIMPACT co-founder Erik Larson and Lightcast EVP of Growth, Josh Wright. Lightcast's recent acquisition of eIMPACT combines our best-in-class labor market data with eIMPACT's expertise in data visualization development. As a result, communities, workforce developers, and industry leaders get a comprehensive solution to both inform and amplify their work with the best data available.
Join us as Erik and Josh share their vision for the road ahead, including:

  • Why this pairing of Lightcast and eIMPACT can help your organization tell a more compelling story.

  • The capabilities of eIMPACT dashboards, including options for customization and opportunities to streamline or automate work for your organization.

  • How different types of organizations (economic developers, workforce developers, industry groups, etc.) are currently using dashboards to save staff time and serve stakeholders more effectively.

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