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Lightcast is a global leader in labor market analytics.

We connect people with jobs by providing businesses, communities, and education institutions with the best labor market data possible. Our data-driven insight enables better, faster decisions.

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Our Mission

To unlock new

possibilities in 

the labor market.

What we do

At Lightcast, our software products, APIs, and consulting solutions bring clarity to the fast-changing world of work.

Formerly Emsi Burning Glass, Lightcast has over two decades of experience in finding solutions and delivering the competitive edge our clients demand. With world-class customer service, we provide the answers and insight to meet your specific need—because every decision made without data is just a shot in the dark.

By helping communities, businesses, and education institutions succeed, our ultimate goal is connecting individuals with the right skills and right jobs in the right places. People are at the heart of everything we do, and we want to create a job market that works for everyone.

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How we do it

Lightcast is a global pioneer in the collection and big-data analysis of information on the labor market. Our data provides the world’s most detailed information about occupations, skills in demand, and career pathways. 

Our tools collect real-time data from over 65,000 sources every day, contributing to a database with over 1 billion job postings and billions of other data points. We combine that with curated input from dozens of other statistical sources, like government agencies, to provide the most complete view possible of the fast-changing labor market. We put that information to work for businesses, communities, and education providers by showing them the granular details and big-picture trends they need in their organizations.

Whether you’re interested in software salaries in Seattle, need new skills in New Zealand, or looking for anything in between, Lightcast data can provide the insight you need.

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Where you can find us

We are active in more than 30 countries and have offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, New Zealand, Canada, and India. Lightcast is backed by global private equity leader KKR.

Delve into stories of how we help our clients succeed.