Customer Pledge

At the heart of all we do is our mission to serve our customers.
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Ongoing Support

From day one, we aim to establish regular communication with our customers in order to make sure they are comfortable using our tools and data. You will therefore be assigned a dedicated account manager, who will be in contact at least once a quarter to discuss any issues you are having that we can help you overcome


Dedicated Training

Once you sign up, we will arrange a date for training in how to use the tool you have invested in. This training is delivered by one of our Customer Service representatives, ordinarily your Account Manager. Please note that you can call on us for training at any point and at no cost.


Knowledge Base

All our customers get access to Lightcast Knowledge Base – an online resource enabling users to find out answers to questions quickly and easily. From a simple “Getting Started” tutorial, to those dealing with more complex functionality, Knowledge Base is a glossary of useful advice and tips to help you to get more from our data.


Free Webinars

We are committed to running webinars which help our customers to get better use out of our tools, and which propose ways of using our tools to find solutions for problems organisations in your sector are facing. These are free to join, and we will endeavour to keep you updated of any relevant webinars that are due to take place.


Lightcast Newsletter

The Lightcast website carries a number or articles each month aimed at showcasing what our tools can do, how they can help solve current issues, and how other organisations are using them. Each month we compile these pieces into one Newsletter, which we send out to all our customers.


Best Practice

We like to share our customers' success stories, as this is often the best way of inspiring others to get even more out of our tools and data. We have published, and will continue to publish, a variety of case studies, which all our customers can access in order to find inspiration for using our tools and data in creative ways.


Advice on Solutions

We are constantly striving to improve our data solutions as well as create new ones, often off the back of customer feedback. We will keep you informed of new developments that are applicable to your sector, as well as seek your feedback on new concepts and ideas that we are testing.