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Lightcast software, consulting, and data delivery are all powered by best-in-class data, with the world’s most detailed information about skills, jobs, and supply and demand throughout the labor market. We deliver clarity to enterprise and staffing, education institutions, and regional leaders.

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Data for decisions

Lightcast data has the breadth and depth to power practical decisions—centered on skills. We enable:

icon of teamEmployers to plan talent strategy, train their workforces, and find workers in a dynamic labor market
icon of a woman graduateEducators to plan curricula, ensuring the skills they teach are in demand and will launch graduates into satisfying careers
icon of buildingsGovernment agencies to plan economic development strategies and guide job training programs

Pioneering the analysis of job postings

The millions of job postings put up worldwide every day show us exactly what employers are looking for: specific skills, education, and responsibilities. Lightcast pioneered the collection and big-data analysis of job postings, gathering data from more than 65,000 sources daily, including job boards, company websites, and other sources.

Using natural-language processing technology and other AI tools, along with dedicated in-house experts, our tools extract more than 70 different elements from every job posting. By analyzing and interpreting these elements, Lightcast data can provide insight on:

● Job titles

● Job responsibilities

● Hard and soft skills in demand

● Experience requirements

● Education requirements (degrees, certificates, etc)

● Advertised salary/market estimates

With additional analysis, Lightcast data can also shed light on:

Hurdles (such as background checks and drug tests)

● Benefits (i.e., work from home, child care)

● Values (including terms like “equal opportunity employer,“ “diversity,” “family-


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Unique Sources

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An atlas of occupations and skills

The proprietary Lightcast Occupation Taxonomy covers nearly 2,000 occupations and over 30,000 skills, allowing us to make apples-to-apples comparisons between roles, whether they’re across occupations or across nations.

How our customers use it

The Lightcast skills taxonomy creates a common language for the world of work, helping connect employers, education institutions, communities, and individuals. Students and jobseekers can use Lightcast Skills to write better resumes and discover the top skills in demand. Colleges and universities can use Lightcast Skills to design and market work-relevant programs that help students communicate their skills to potential employers. Communities can use skills to describe the talent that businesses need, the abilities that local workers have, and any gaps between the two.

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Our free Open Skills tools use this data to optimize resumes and job postings, helping match skills to occupations and workers to jobs.

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A curated collection for a complete view

Lightcast products also include data from government agencies, which provide a long-term view of occupations and compensation—and our tools unsupress and regionalize the data beyond what’s publicly available.

Layered together with our own collections, these dozens of sources combine past trends and future projections in order to give the greatest possible context to drive meaningful decisions. Incorporating over 18 billion data points in a simple, accessible set of tools, we provide all the data you need all in one place.

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Our Analyst platform gives you accessible dashboards that deliver clarity right away. For everything from demand and salary trends to career pathways, these products provide the exact collection of data you need.

Real-world career profiles

When someone shares their career history online, that offers insight into education, skills, and career trajectory. By collecting aggregated, anonymous data from millions of profiles, Lightcast tools can measure the supply of talent in a region and also provide insight into how skills and jobs develop into career pathways, enabling success and opportunity for workers.

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Alumni Pathways uses real-world career profiles to show education institutions what skills and jobs their graduates have—helping schools validate existing programs and discover new opportunities.

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Delivered via APIs

All of the data referenced above is available through tools as well as APIs. Explore our full menu of APIs and find out more about how to get direct access to these datasets, as well as our proprietary taxonomies and models.

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Global in Scope

Lightcast solutions can solve problems almost anywhere you can imagine. Our database has information on over 150 countries for reference and consulting, while our global software products come ready with data on 28.

Countries use all kinds of different names and definitions to understand their own labor markets, so we solve this disparity by using our own taxonomy that unifies titles between countries and helps everyone speak the same language. 

Having this broad view helps you compare markets across borders, determine where your company might expand, and understand the local skills landscape all over the world. 

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