Academic Research Using Lightcast Data

Researchers frequently analyze Lightcast data to inform their own insights across a wide range of disciplines.

This comprehensive list includes reports authored by Lightcast (entirely or in part) as well as other releases where Lightcast data was employed from 2021-Present. Interested in securing our data for your research? Contact us.

Academic Research

Chris Compton, Enas Farag, Marshall Steinbaum

How A Retrospective Analysis of the Acquisition of Target's Pharmacy Business by CVS Health: Labor Market Perspective

Published in Social Science Research Network, 19 April 2024

Marcus Dillender

How Do Medicaid Expansions Affect the Demand for Health Care Workers? Evidence from Vacancy Postings

Published in Journal of Human Resources Vol. 59, Issue 2, 1 Mar 2024

E. Mark Curtis, Layla O'Kane, R. Jisung Park

Workers and the Green-Energy Transition: Evidence from 300 Million Job Transitions

Working Paper 31539, DOI 10.3386/w31539, Issue Date August 2023, for National Bureau of Economic Research

Brian Callaci, Sergio Pinto, Marshall Steinbaum, and Matthew Walsh

Vertical Restraints and Labor Markets in Franchised Industries

Published in S&P Global Market Intelligence, December 2023, Available at SSRN

Marshall Steinbaum

Evaluating the Competitive Effect of the Proposed Kroger-Albertsons Merger in Labor Markets

Issue Date November 11 2023

Brian Callaci, Matthew Gibson, Sergio Pinto, Marshall Steinbaum, and Matt Walsh

The Effect of Franchise No-Poaching Restrictions on Worker Earnings

IZA Discussion Paper No. 16330, Issue Date July 2023, for Institute of Labor Economics

Ran Gu, Ling Zhong

Effects of Stay-at-home Orders on Skill Requirements in Vacancy Postings

Published in Labour Economics, VOL. 82, JUNE 2023, 102342 by Elsevier

Anastasia Burya, Rui Mano, Yannick Timmer, Anke Weber

The Wage Phillips Curve under Labor Market Power

Published in American Economic Association Papers and Proceedings, VOL. 113, MAY 2023 (pp. 110-13)

Rupert Ward, Tom Crick, James Davenport, Paul Hanna, et al

Using skills profiling to enable badges and micro-credentials to be incorporated into higher education courses

Published in Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2023 pp. 1-22. ISSN 1365-893X by Northumbria University

J. Carter Braxton, Bledi Taska

Technological Change and the Consequences of Job Loss

Published in American Economic Review, VOL. 113, NO. 2, February 2023 (pp. 279-316)

Avi Goldfarb, Bledi Taska, Florenta Teodoridis

Could machine learning be a general purpose technology? A comparison of emerging technologies using data from online job postings

Published in Research Policy, Volume 52, Issue 1, January 2023, 104653 by Elsevier

Daron Acemoglu, David Autor, Jonathon Hazell, Pascual Restrepo

Artificial intelligence and jobs: evidence from online vacancies

Published in Journal of Labor Economics, Volume 40, Number S1 April 2022 by The University of Chicago

Christa Larsen, Jenny Kipper, Alfons Schmid, Marco Ricceri

The Relevance of Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Transformation of Regional and Local Labour Markets Across Europe

Published 2022 in Nomos eLibrary ISBN online: 978-3-95710-411-3

Chen Yeh, Claudia Macaluso, Brad Hershbein

Monopsony in the US Labor Market

Published in American Economic Review VOL. 112, NO. 7, JULY 2022 (pp. 2099-2138)

Nathan Wilmers, Letian Zhang

Values and Inequality: Prosocial Jobs and the College Wage Premium

Published in American Sociological Review, Volume 87, Issue 3 Pages: 415 - 442 April 13, 2022

Eliza Forsythe, Lisa B. Kahn, Fabian Lange, David Wiczer

Where have all the workers gone? Recalls, retirements, and reallocation in the COVID recovery

Published in Labour Economics Volume 78, October 2022, 1022512022 by Elsevier

Theodore Papageorgiou

Occupational matching and cities

Published 2022 in American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 14 (3): 82-132.

Arik Ben DorJingling GuanAdam KelleherAdam Lauretig, et al

ESG and Alternative Data: Capturing Corporates’ Sustainability-Related Activities with Job Postings

Published in The Journal of Financial Data Science, 10 December 2021 10.3905/jfds.2021.1.082 

Eric Condie, Ling Lei Lisic, Timothy A. Seidel, J. Mike Truelson, Ally Zimmerman

Does Gender and Ethnic Diversity among Audit Partners Influence Office-Level Audit Personnel Retention and Audit Quality?

Published in Contemporary Accounting Research, 11 May 2020, Available at SSRN

Tyler Baldwin, Wyatt Clarke, Maysa M. Garcia de Macedo, Rogerio de Paula, Subhro Das

Better Skill-based Job Representations, Assessed via Job Transition Data

Published in 2022 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data)

David S. Pedulla, John Muñoz, Katherine E. Wullert, Felipe A. Dias

Field Experiments and Job Posting Sources: The Consequences of Job Database Selection for Estimates of Racial Discrimination

Published in Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages: 26 - 42, January 2022


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Ben-Ner, Avner, Ainhoa Urtasun, Bledi Taska

Effects of New Technologies on Work: The Case of Additive Manufacturing

Published in ILR Review, Volume 76, Issue 2, November 22, 2022, by Cornell University

Gao, Janet, Kenneth Merkley, Joseph Pacelli, Joseph H. Schroeder

Do Internal Control Weaknesses Affect Firms’ Demand for Accounting Skills? Evidence from US Job Postings

Published in The Accounting Review, MAY 01 2023

Amy Harris, Carol Clark

Understanding the Diffusion of Business Analysis Responsibilities

Published in Journal of Computer Information Systems, Apr 12 2023, P 278-288

Jeffrey Clemens, Lisa B. Kahn, Jonathan Meer

Dropouts need not apply? the minimum wage and skill upgrading

Published in Journal of Labor Economics, Volume 39, no. S1, January 2021

Liudmila Alekseeva, José Azar, Mireia Giné, et al.

The demand for AI skills in the labor market

Published in Labour Economics, Volume 71, August 2021, 102002, by Elsevier

Edward Felten, Manav Raj, Robert Seamans

Occupational, industry, and geographic exposure to artificial intelligence: A novel dataset and its potential uses

Published in Strategic Management Journal, Volume42, Issue12, December 2021, Pages 2195-2217

Daniel Shoag, Stan Veuger

Ban-the-Box Measures Help High-Crime Neighborhoods

Published in The Journal of Law and Economics, Volume 64, Number 1, February 2021, by The University of Chicago Press


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