Our people drive our passion

Women at Lightcast

Lightcast Principles

Letter L
Live the mission

We genuinely care about the work we do and never lose sight of the human behind the data.

Letter I
Innovate, inside and out

We take personal responsibility for finding new and better ways to do all things—large and small, internally and externally.

Letter G
Give customers the unexpected

We aim to exceed customer expectations and seek opportunities to excite and delight with every interaction.

Letter H
Hide nothing, own everything

We strive to be transparent in our actions, own our mistakes, and remain humble in our approach.

Letter T
Teamwork makes the data work

We work together, respect our differences, play to our strengths, and celebrate our successes. #crushedit

"We love working with Lightcast. I could not imagine doing some of the things I do without the incredible partnership we have."

Esam Mohammad,

Associate VP of Research & Institutional Effectiveness

Butler Community College