About the Report

The CIMPSPA 2023 Workforce Insights Report explores the adverse impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the sport and physical activity (S&PA) sector. Offering a comprehensive review of the S&PA workforce, and how it is faring post-Covid, the report contains insights on:

    The demographic diversity of the S&PA workforce;

    The critical skill requirements of its core occupations;

    Major challenges, including recruitment and retention.

For policymakers, the report emphasises the impact of the pandemic on the sector, and provides clues about the steps needed to ensure the S&PA workforce can continue to evolve and flourish. To access the report, click the button or the image.

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CIMSPA Report Cover

Interactive Chart

To compliment the skills analysis contained in this report, Lightcast has produced an interactive skills treemap which allows you to explore the most in-demand skills for the core S&PA occupations in 2022. Using the hierarchical Lightcast Open Skills Taxonomy, the chart enables you to delve from broad skills groups, such as Physical and Inherent Abilities (appearing in 52.6% of S&PA job postings), to skills subcategories such as Initiative and Leadership (36.6% of job postings), and finally specific skills such as Coaching (16.5% of postings).